Song Stories

  • Your Glory Will Shine - Song Story

    In Revelation 21 it talks about heaven and one of the things that struck me as so amazing is that in heaven there is no sun and no moon, actually there isnt even a need for a light or a lamp.  The bible goes on to say that there isn’t even going to be night time, because God is going to be with His people in heaven and His glory will be so bright and radiant that there is no need for any other light than His!


    “Your glory will shine, so bright, so pure. Great are You Lord, Great are You, Lord.  Forever will shine and fill the sky, Great are You Lord!”

    When I read that passage I was amazed thinking about that.  How much today do we depend on the sun.  It gives us light to see, warmth to live, helps our food grow and we can even get tan!  It amazed me at how great and how astonishing our God is!  HE will be our light and life FOREVER!  I love it when God blows my mind cause it reminds me how big HE really is and it helps put my life into perspective and focus on what is eternal, His Glory!

  • With One Touch - Song Story

    I was at a worship service a couple months ago and after we sang a couple of songs the Pastor came up and asked the congregation if there were people that had come tonight that needed a touch from God.  After taking some time to explain he asked for those who would want that touch to raise their hands.  As he was asking I figured that probably 20% of people would raise their hands, but I was blown away when around 70% of the people held up their hands.  It was like a scene out of the bible, people had come because they needed a touch from the Lord!

    First Verse

    “These heavy chains are overwhelming, I speak Your name, You lift them from me, all I need is You.”

    In that moment I was taken back to Luke chapter 5 where the leper comes to Jesus and begs Jesus to make him clean.  He was desperate and longing for Jesus to heal him.  Then Jesus reached out his hand and touch the man and said “I am willing, Be clean!” and immediately the man was healed.  With one touch Jesus healed the man with leprosy.


    “With one touch I am free, when Your life, flows through me.  Healed by grace, all my faith in Christ alone. With one touch I am clean, when Your love, flows through me. Healed by grace, all my faith in Christ alone”

    Jesus is longing to heal the places in our lives that need healing and WITH ONE TOUCH our lives are changed forever! PRAISE YOU, JESUS!!!  Thank you for You’re healing touch!

  • Beyond These Walls - Song Story

    When I was the worship director at my local church my office was on the second floor of the church.  Just outside of my office there is roof access so one day I decided to go out and spend some time of the roof.  As I was out there I started looking at the walls of our church and I started thinking that a lot of people think this building is what Christianity is all about.  If they show up to this building or not.  I started thinking that our faith isnt defined by where we meet, but by how we live ‘Beyond the Walls’ of this building.

    First Verse

    “Beyond These Walls, There’s life to live, Beyond These Walls, Goes our faith, I see the lonely waiting and the desperate crying out for love, Beyond These Walls”

    God is calling us to go beyond our comforts of our churches to be a light in this dark world.  As Christians the Spirit of the Living God is in us and we are called to GO AND SHARE  the LOVE of our Savior with the world.  There are people around us who are hurting and need healing, hungry for truth, lonely and waiting for us to come.  We are Jesus’ hands and feet!  Called out to love and change the world!


    “So let the father’s voice be heard in every word I speak, every man be blessed as we wash anothers feet, there miracles to see as we love we will love in Jesus name!”