David Gaulton is a worship leader and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. David and his team travel throughout the US and internationally as music missionaries. Their heart is to see the Church awakened and mobilized to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth. David and his wife, Leah, co-founded the Jesus Use Me Movement, believing 'God can use anyone with a willing heart.


Hi guys!  My name is David Gaulton and I am blessed to have you visit my website!  My prayer is this site would be a resource and encouragement to you as a worshiper of our Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ.  I am a worship leader and songwriter from Los Angeles, California and my heart for worship has grown from a young age. I am passionate about worshiping, writing songs, and leading people to prayer the prayer, Jesus use me.  I believe God can use anyone with a willing heart!

I grew up in a Christian household.  My Dad is a pastor and when I was in high school my mom founded Heavenly Treasures, a Christian non profit organization.  It was such an amazing blessing to watch my parents walk by faith and follow the Lord's calling on their lives to use their gifts for His kingdom. Little did I know God was gonna use there example to give me courage and faith to live out His calling in my own life!

As a kid, I was totally into sports, but for some reason when I heard about a guitar class at my church I wanted to be there to learn guitar.  I started playing guitar at the age of 10 and from then on I played every weekend with our worship team.  Through that time I remember songs that truly touched my heart, worship songs ministering to the core of my soul. I cannot deny how God has used music, worship leaders, and Christian bands to reveal Himself to me.  As I saw Him moving and touching my own heart, I fully gave my life to Jesus at the age of 17.  After being baptized in my church I remember God opening doors for me to lead worship.  I played at my youth group, Sunday morning services, camps, anywhere people would ask me to play.  I guess I was just available and open to play. That was the start of discovering my calling as a worship leader and eventually lead me to APU.

I had the privilege to attend Azusa Pacific University, where I met my amazing wife Leah!  I graduated from APU in 2006 with a degree in Commercial Music and soon after accepted the position of worship director at Mission Valley Free Methodist Church where I served for 8 years.  In 2011, Leah and I felt the call to go out ‘beyond the walls’ of our local church to become music missionaries, leading worship, spreading the gospel, and encouraging the church to rise up as Christ followers around the world. We've founded the 'Jesus Use Me Movement' as the 'organization' to house our worship ministry beyond my career as a recording artist. To hear more of the heart behind this season of ministry check out the video and blog below.

My songwriting emerged during my years at Azusa Pacific University, where I would often spend mornings in the prayer chapel journaling before helping lead the school in worship. These prayers were the beginning of my first original album, Meditations of My Heart (2005), and eventually led to the journey of writing and recording You Are Amazing (2006), Righteous King-EP (2008), Christ is Born-Single (2009), Beyond These Walls (2010), and Jesus Use Me-EP (2013).

One of my greatest influences as a worship leader is Tommy Walker.  As a teenager I remembered attending a worship conference at Tommy’s church, Christian Assembly. I remember being in awe of the way that Tommy and the team was able to lead us into such an intimate and joyous time of worship.   I had never experienced the depths of worship like that and in that moment I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life - lead others into deep, genuine, heartfelt worship of our God.  One of my dreams came true in a small way in 2014, when I had the amazing opportunity to sing with Tommy and his team in the finale of the Nation Worship Leaders Conference in San Jose, CA!

I have the blessing to serve as the Ministry Artist with Heavenly Treasures, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty around the world through micro enterprise development (www.heavenlytreasures.org). In partnership with Heavenly Treasures, I have been able to minister and serve people in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia on mission trips. It has been amazing to meet the Heavenly Treasures Artisans from around the world, whose lives are truly being changed economically and spiritually. To read more about my partnership with Heavenly Treasures click here!

It is amazing when you pray the simple prayer, Jesus, use me, God will do it!  I've been able to lead worship throughout the world in a wide variety of venues from chapels at Azusa Pacific University; in the remote villages of Kakuyuni, Kenya; on the stage in Monterey at Spirit West Coast; the gathering of Free Methodist Church leaders in Rochester, NY; camps in the Santa Cruz Mountains; and to the local churches of Southern California.  I count it an honor to go out beyond the walls of my comforts to share the love of Christ throughout the world!

- David 

For an offical bio inquire at info@davidgaulton.com

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